Brighton based help with finding work and training or retraining

Accommodation for Work

Brighton Housing Trust  secured Lottery Funding to run a project that will help homeless people off the streets and into employment and independent accommodation. We worked with BHT over 2018/19 to evaluate the Accommodation for Work project during its second five-year round of funding. Phase 2 covered the period from 2015 to 2020.

We undertook a formative evaluation of the project in November 2018 and then completed a summative evaluation of activity up to May 2019 – the end of year four of this five year project. Our qualitative data was gathered via in-depth interviews with current residents, past residents, Accommodation for Work staff and the staff of other local agencies and organisations.

Read our Accommodation for Work Summative Report

About Accommodation for Work

Working with people who feel they are ready to make a positive change and move their lives forward, Accommodation for Work (AFW) offers clients the security of accommodation for one year as well as support with work and learning. The AFW team has an impressive record for supporting individuals into paid employment and helping them to develop the life and social skills they need when they move on.  Find out more about the BHT’s Accommodation for Work project.

Training and development opportunities

Homeless and Housing Service frontline workers can now tap into the expertise gained on this project via Choice Training and Development which provides opportunities to network, share expertise and undertake training.

What some residents have said about being homeless

“It was very scary. You don’t have the resources to survive in the streets. You don’t know how to eat, where to go, you don’t have people to relate to. I was walking around the city wondering what I was doing here. I felt so attached, emotionally, sentimentally, to this city but I felt so lonely.”

“The street makes you mentally lost, if you are there for too long.  That’s why this project is important.” 

What some residents have said about BHT’s Accommodation for Work project

’BHT have helped me with housing but also my mental health and wellbeing which I really appreciate. To actually be sitting here now talking freely about how everything’s gone is a big thing because I couldn’t speak about things before without getting upset.”

My whole way of thinking has changed since moving into the BHT project. I always thought I was on my own, but, speaking to people, I’ve realised there is a lot of help out there, and that’s the important thing to know, everyone needs help at times.”

“AFW gave me the opportunity to take that load of stress off, a roof over my head and some space to regroup my thoughts.  Great support, convenient in a way that aids my recovery, and my primary focus to just to get back on track again.”