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People skills

The demand for people in or entering work to have skills that extend beyond qualifications has never been greater and more emphasis is thus being placed on the inappropriately named ‘soft skills’ that include, for example, people’s ability to communicate and work with other people.  These are skills that will enable people to gain and retain employment, but they are not confined to the workplace and are equally valuable in enabling people to volunteer or contribute to their community. We have helped Greater Brighton Metropolitan College develop an approach that is designed to embed these skills into their curriculum. This included developing a skills framework, student activities and comprehensive tutor guidance for their students. Working in partnership with college staff, the approach was developed to fit their online platform that is accessible to all staff.

Rebecca Conroy, Assistant Principal (Students) commented on our contribution.

“It really has been a pleasure to work with you and I know that our team have found your approach supportive and confidence boosting – you have reinforced with evidence what we hoped was true about soft skills and helped tease out an approach to capture this evidence in a way that will be really powerful for our students.”

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