Brighton based help with finding work and training or retraining

Rethinking Work

Funded by the National Lottery, this  free programme has enabled participants to consider and plan the role that work plays in their transition into and through retirement.  It takes them through the process of looking at options, making decisions, seeking and applying for jobs and preparing for interview.   It also considers how their skills could be used in self-employment. We look at work that paid, voluntary, full-time, part-time or any combination of these.  Changes to the state pension age and diminishing workplace pensions mean that many people in their 50s and 60s are:

  • seeking to change direction depending on the physical demands of their employment
  • needing to generate an income
  • wanting to work because they have skills to offer

On top of this, many  have been displaced during the Covid crisis and now face increased competition for jobs.

How does it work?

Participants work through the open learning materials at home, at their own pace.  It is roll on/roll off with no set start or finish dates.  Activities throughout the materials enable users to practice their skills and seek feedback from their personal coach.  We’ve included examples of CVs and covering letters with clear guidance on what to include. Regular contact with their personal coach is via telephone, email and video call and, as well as receiving help and advice, they have the opportunity to experience a Zoom interview with a panel and receive written feedback.

What do participants think?

Participants have overwhelmingly valued the one to one personalised support and the ability to work through a process that has enabled them to consider a range of options and a change of direction.

“Looking back through the workbook, I have learnt so much about myself, from feeling pretty useless to realising I do have the skills and experience needed to tackle the working world with.  This has been a great learning curve and I feel much more confident in myself when applying for jobs.  …  I am so very grateful for all the support, feedback and time you have taken to help me through this. I do feel very lucky to have been given this opportunity.”

“Many thanks for your prompt appraisal of my mock interview this morning. I am truly delighted that you would have offered me the position based on this. … I feel like some real progress has been made and will enjoy my weekend more because of it.”

“I believe taking part in this course has given me a reason to take note of several facts. The past is finished, I do need to make some changes. At present I’m wasting my time and energies and the future has lots to look forward to. So I’m not in gear right now, I’ve released the clutch and put pressure on the accelerator. I’m on my way.”

“I’ve very much enjoyed working with you. I only wish I had known how to offer myself to the working world when I had just retired or ideally before I retired rather than now. I think that what you and your partners offer retiring professional employees wishing to move into a different market is of great value.”