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Your Retirement: Your Choice

Funded by the National Lottery, this short programme that was launched in the Autumn is supporting the Brighton & Hove retired (or about to retire) community through a series of half day workshops that have been specifically designed to broaden participants’ horizons and promote a healthy and fulfilling retirement. It is especially designed for people who are managing on a low income. Round two of the programme starts on February 19th 2018.

People who will benefit – those who are:

  • Living in Brighton & Hove
  • Coming up to state pension age in the next year or so
  • Worried about retiring and managing on their pension
  • Wondering what they’ll do with their time
  • Keen to make sure they look after themselves
  • Interested in ideas to supplement their pension income
  • Already retired but would like to find out about free, friendly, low cost activities

We’ve produced a Information Sheet for organisations with clients who may be interested, and a Flyer for Your Retirement Your Choice that can be passed on to clients. Details of the programme are below together with an outline of each week’s content and some background information. To make a booking or to refer clients please phone, text or email Chris:

07572 077340 –

When and where

Monday mornings, 10 am to 1 pm for SIX weeks at The Fellowship Room, Hove Methodist Church, Portland Road, Hove.

Monday 19 February to 26 March 2018

Outline programme

There’s a mix of 1:1 help, workshops, inspirational talks by local people and a chance to try new things within a friendly and supportive environment.

  • Week 1 Managing money, time and resources
  • Week 2 Make new friends and volunteer
  • Week 3 Looking after yourself
  • Week 4 Carry on learning – Brighton Bake Off
  • Week 5 Carry on learning – Brighton’s Got Talent
  • Week 6 Looking to the future

Background to the project

The National Lottery Awards for All funds projects that can be seen to change or make a difference to communities. We are aware that there are many issues to consider for those approaching and reaching pension age. Much of the media focus is on an image of well-off “baby boomers” leading active lives, but the quality of retirement for those on lower incomes is less well reported. Our programme with benefit people who may:

  • Lack the confidence to try new things and make changes to their lives that would improve their physical and mental health – for example, by taking up some form of exercise, making changes to their diet or learning something new.
  • Aren’t aware of the range of free and low cost activities across the city.
  • May not have enough IT skills to search out what is available.
  • Aren’t aware of the benefits that voluntary work can bring in terms of personal fulfilment and new friendships.
  • Would appreciate strategies to help them manage their budgets.
  • Would like ideas for continuing to generate some income to supplement their pension.

In the longer term, we intend to make our programme resources, including the interactive workbook, freely available to other interested organisations who support older people so that they can adapt and use them with future retirees.

A few facts and figures

According to the 2015/16 Public Health Report, in Brighton & Hove:

  • 37,700 people are 65+ (projected to increase to 52,000+ by 2030)
  • Nearly a quarter of the 60+ are affected by income deprivation
  • Only 39% of the 65+ currently achieve the recommended levels of physical activity
  • Over half of those over 65 find day to day activities limited
  • The City is following the WHO’s age friendly city approach by encouraging opportunities and challenging stigma around ageing

Brighton & Hove City Council have confirmed that our programme fits the aspirations of their Public Health Older People’s Programme.